DCR Fabrication, Inc. - ASME Code Fabrication Services

Fabrication services are offered to the industrial and utility marketplace through DCR Fabrication, Inc. DCR is an ASME accredited S, U, PP, and National Board R stamp certified fabricator. DCR is authorized to fabricate to PED requirements and place the CE Marking (for European Conformance) on pipe and pressure vessels. Newly added capabilities include fabrication to meet NQA-1 standards. DCR's reject rate is less than one half of 1%. DCR has 70,000 SF in fabrication facility located in Lakeland, FL and has ample shop space available to handle your work.

DCR owns automated and semi-automated welding systems set up for high production runs that weld vessels up to 14' in diameter and material up to 7" thick. These machines create considerable value to our customers in labor cost savings, schedule and superior quality on large bore pipe and vessel welding.

Another area that represents cost savings to our customers is a program that we employ called "Build it Right". This program allows all fabricated products to be completed and delivered clean and void of debris, ready to be installed. This program saves our customers both time and money on startup. We welcome the opportunity to discuss in detail the "Build it Right" program and the value it brings to your project.

DCR's experienced craftsmen meet the industry's fabrication needs as specialists in the following areas:

Pipe Fabrication
Pressure Vessel Fabrication
Heat Exchanger Fabrication
Evaporator Fabrication
Modular Fabrication
Duct Work Fabrication
Structural Steel Fabrication
Conveyor Fabrication

For more info see: http://www.dcrfabinc.com