Quality Policy

The DCR group concentrates on exceeding the quality, cost and schedule expectations of its clients. The reputation earned by DCR is through its leadership, the quality of its services and products, dedicated and skillful workforce and relentless adherence to ethics and commitments.

The mission of DCR is to excel in providing value added engineering, fabrication, and construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership, establishing a lasting relationship, exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by all members of our teams.

Our Management team actively supports and promotes quality initiatives throughout the company and provides the environment and infrastructure whereby clearly defined and documented work processes are created. Project risks and lessons learned are evaluated, goals and objectives are set, progress is measured and data is analyzed, whereby the validity and effectiveness of the improvements can be confirmed.

DCR ensures that the Quality Policy will be comprehensible at every level of its institution, applicable to all of its businesses and processes, sustainable and continuously improved by way of the lessons learned from desired and undesired deviations.

Quality Assurance

DCR follows a formal ANSI/ASQ/ISO 9001 based Quality Management System focused on the identification, documentation, design, engineering, procurement, fabrication controls, testing and certification requirements of a project and satisfying the Client's requirements regarding the quality of the work. The purpose is to ensure project activities conform to the design criteria, specifications, applicable industry codes, standards and governmental regulation, and that the final product is safe, functional, reliable and cost effective.

This Quality Management System is also imposed on our suppliers through the activities of the DCR Quality Assurance Supplier Surveillance System, relying upon the use of formal DCR plans and procedures, and any Client specified project procedures to define and control processes that have a direct effect on project quality.