Health and Safety

The DCR group constantly strives to exceed the expectations of its customers. Our reputation has been earned through demonstrating committed leadership, quality of service, safe and healthy workplace conditions, through a dedicated and skilled workforce and their relentless adherence to ethics and commitments. The objective of DCR is to be the best in its class.

DCR's most valuable asset is our people, and as such, they must be protected. We continuously work to improve our performance through management involvement, employee participation and proactive approaches. DCR's management endorses these beliefs and principles, and will demonstrate our commitment through our actions.

DCR is committed to conducting our operations in a way that protects people, property, communities and the environment. We also believe that Health, Safety and Regulatory Compliance are as important as profits and we make sure they are an integral part of our total management process.

The only way to achieve and sustain this essential target is to embed our HS Policy across a documented and continuously improvable management system that can be implemented independent of individuals.

Each employee is responsible for working without causing any threat to others, goods, machines, data, image and the environment and is responsible for monitoring others' compliance to the HS Policy.

To fulfill these responsibilities, each employee will be required to take, orally and in a written form, a ZERO ACCIDENT PROMISE once every year.

DCR will ensure that the said HS Policy is comprehensible at every level of its institution, applicable to all its businesses and processes, sustainable and continuously improved by way of the lessons learned from undesired deviations.