Services include a SCADA/Wireless systems group supplying technologically advanced wireless and control solutions to industry and government since 1995. Complex wireless and control systems are provided by a full service turnkey systems integrator providing 'single point' of responsibility. Complete functional systems include engineering, hardware, software, panel fabrication, installation, startup, and training. The services are provided affording our clients with a single responsible integrator for highly complex systems.

Certifications and alliances include; Motorola Certified Fixed Data VAR, Motorola WiBB Mobil VAR, Siemens Automation Advanced Systems Integrator, Trihedral Engineering Advanced Systems Integrator, Wonderware ArchestrA Certified Integrator, Motorola Mobil Wireless Broadband VAR, and Allen-Bradley Solutions Provider.
Specific services include:

Turnkey Wireless SCADA and Telemetry Control Systems
Wireless Booster Pump Control Systems
Mining SCADA Control Solutions
Water Treatment Plant SCADA Systems
Wireless Broadband Networking
300MB Point to Point Ethernet Bridges (cover areas up to 50 miles)
40MB point to multi point networks
802.11g and 802.11n MESH user
Radio Survey
Wireless Fire Station Alerting
Plant Wide Emergency Siren Warning Systems
Environmental Monitoring and Paging Systems
Wireless Water and Irrigation Systems
24/7 Customer Support
Largest Motorola Value Added Reseller in North America
Over 5000 systems/units installed

Our markets include Municipal Water/Wastewater facilities, Phosphate Mining/Chemical facilities, Water Management Districts, Fire Station Automation, Public Safety, Enterprise Broadband, and Water Treatment.